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What Our Customers Say

Thousands of happy customers demonstrate the effectiveness of the original Molechaser.

"Peace at Last!

I have just purchased my 6th Molechaser -- what can I tell you...they really work! I have 4 acres in Bakersfield, CA -- (a gopher's paradise). Actually, I got tired of flooding the little critters' tunnels, awaiting their quiet and casual appearance on the surface and then blasting them with my 12 gauge (this, of course is a time consuming, frustrating and expensive solution). I tried all of the smoke bombs, traps and poison pellets known to humanity -- they're all horse rubbish...or the gophers are smarter than the manufacturers (and I do believe a little of both is true). Imagine what I might be doing with my time were I not engaged in protecting my new fruit trees and my garden!

Thanks for introducing me to the Molechaser! Depending on what we plant next, I may order more."

-- Lee H., Bakersfield, CA

"My problem was an area along my property line which has a ditch bank. It was continually leaking into my yard because of gophers and moles burrowing into the sides. I have cats and dogs and didn't want to put poison out, so I tried the Molechaser. Within a few days I was amazed!! This thing really works! No more moles or gophers bother our yard. I strongly recommend this product to my friends and neighbors."

--Karen D., Grants Pass, OR

"Dear Roland and Diana,

Thought you would be interested to hear about a successful mole 'rout.' It was in November that I received two of your Molechasers. Since I harbor no sympathy for these monsters, I immediately installed the chasers according to your instructions.

The area of purge is an oval with a 441' perimeter, in which we keep our Golden Labrador Retrievers inside a chain link fence. The moles had ruined the grass surface and there were mud palaces all over, in which the golden labs became chocolate labs.

Within six days, there was no sign of mole activity. I had levelled all of the mounds so that any activity would be conspicuous. To keep the dogs from disturbing the chasers, I placed inverted gold pans over the devices and put a concret block on top of each one. Since it would be difficult to put a research model on this addition to the chaser, there is no way to say whether the gold pans amplified the signal in some way, but it makes good speculation anyway.

Our soil here is clay, compacted to a consistency somewhere just short of the density of granite! Perhaps that is another reason for our success.

You may use this testimony as you see fit. I highly recommend the Molechasers to anyone.

Oh yes, your summary is correct. The moles do move somewhere just outside the range of the chasers -- the hillside beyond the dog enclosure looks like the 2nd Infantry Division is dug in! With a supply of "D" cells, I plan to hold them off."

--Ed S., Winlock, WA

"My property was infested with gophers and moles. It was almost more dirt mounds than lawn! After the Molechaser, within two weeks the moles and gophers were gone and haven't returned!"

--Randy T., Grants Pass, OR

"After 18 years of fighting moles and gophers, they're gone!"

-- Diana C., Grants Pass, OR

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