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How it Works . . .

"If you want to get rid of a gopher . . . you have to think like a gopher."

Bill Murray as Carl in "Caddyshack"

You probably already know that gophers, moles, and other burrowing rodents are the most persistent and difficult creatures to be rid of. They are ferocious about defending their territory, have a keen sense of danger, and soon learn about traps, poisons, and other methods of deterring their presence. Read these important facts about moles and gophers to see why other methods of eradicating these pests just don't work.

Simple but Effective. Molechaser Cartoon Let's say you have settled into bed for your first night in your new home, when suddenly the horrendous screech of a train rolls by. The walls rattle, the brakes squeak, and each passing car touches on a raw nerve as you wait patiently for the train to pass. Finally gone, you think, "not too bad, I got a great deal on this house." A mere five minutes later, another one rolls by . . . soon you discover you have bought a home next to a passenger track that runs every five minutes!

How long before you leave?

This is the simple principle that makes the Molechaser so effective. A 3-5 second Vibrasonic burst of sound in 20-second intervals permeates the ground for dozens of yards around, irritating the tunneling rodents. We've researched our product and watched the moles. They try to dig it up, bury it under more dirt hoping to drown it out, but all to no avail. Eventually, exhausted, they give up the battle and JUST MOVE OUT!

Hear for yourself!

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  • Won't irritate pets - the Molechaser affects only burrowing creatures and their habitat. Although your dog or cat may show a mild initial curiosity, they are not bothered by the Molechaser.
  • Long Lasting - The Molechaser runs on 4 "D" size batteries and on the average will run for 3 to 5 months. To check the battery, simply invert a rake, set the handle end on top of the Mole Chaser, and feel for the vibration.
  • Proven Effectiveness - See what people say who have tried the Molechaser.
  • Now Three Models! The original Sonic Molechaser is effective enough, and the Super-Duty Vibrasonic Molechaser drives rodents from a much larger area, and have recently added the Sol-Mate Solar Molechaser for battery-free operation.

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